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         Beijing You Qiang Hardware Mechanical and electrical Limited company was founded in October, 1998 in Beijing, involves professions and so on astronautics, energy, electron, machinery, chemical industry, war industry, metallurgy, mold, hydraulic pressure, automobile, movement equipment, building, the product mainly includes the South Korean YG-1 cutting tool, high strength (12.9 level, 10.9 level, 8.8 levels) standard letter, stainless steel (A4-80, A2-70) standard letter, German fischer, South Korean song lim chemistry fang bolt, you gu electron screw, curtain wall fitting, non-sign product and other products, client be found everywhere in china.                 
         You Gu Song Lin (Tianjin) the precise metal makes the limited company is Beijing You Qiang Hardware Mechanical and electrical Company and South Korean Song Lim Enterprise Joint-stock company, a coal game of joint capital tenable stock-company type enterprise, introduces performance fine machine equipment, has is engaged in many senior technicians who the screw profession ten remaining years of life, the experience rich, the technology stands up to the most rigorous test, has established the quality assurance for the enterprise product. The product mainly has the inside and outside hexagon bolt, the electronic small screw, pan head screws with cross recess, countersunk flat head screws with cross recess,the triangle tooth bolt, the assembling bolt, from attacks the nail, the beautiful sign, the date sign bolt and the non-sign bolt.
         You Qiang all staff receives “the good faith, the specialty, fast, the ultra value” the fine management idea, provides the high quality product and the service for the general customers. We hoped sincerely becomes you to approve and to trust the partner. “Only has the product quality and the good commercial standing which becomes, is the enterprise survival basis”, not only is this company to the general customer pledge, is our practical objective.

    Beijing Youqiang Hardware and Mechanical-Electrical Co.,Ltd.
    TEL:010-87663067/68 FAX:010-87663066 Email:xucl_yq@163.com

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